Meat & Poultry Karahis

An authentic Punjabi style of cooking. Freshly prepared with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes & a blend of spices & garnished with fresh coriander.

Murgh (Chicken) Tikka Masala – £10.95

Murgh (Chicken) Tikka Jalfrezi – £10.95

Prepared with an egg

Murgh (Chicken) Fresh Chicken in Karahi Sauce – £10.95

Murgh (Chicken) Dopiaza Fresh chicken with onions – £10.95

Murgh (Chicken) Potatoes – £10.95

Fresh chicken with potatoes in Karahi Sauce

Gosht Ginger – £11.95

Tender lamb infused with ginger in karahi sauce

Gosht Potatoes – £11.95

Tender lamb with potatoes in karahi sauce

Gosht Fresh lamb in karahi sauce – £11.95

Gosht Dopiaza Fresh lamb with onions – £11.95

Gosht Aloo Mutter (Potato Peas) – £11.95

Keema Aloo Mutter (Potato Peas) – £10.95

The Mumbai Village Grill

All special grills are served on a sizzler with masala chickpeas, sauce & basmati pilau rice

Jhinga Tandoor (King Prawn) – £15.95

Chicken Shashlik £13.95

Diced chicken with peppers & onions

Machli Tandoori (Fresh Cod) – £13.95

Tandoori Mix Grill – £14.95

Grilled fresh gosht chops, seekh kebabs, chicken kebab & gosht roti

Paneer Shashlik – £11.95

Chargrilled diced cheese with peppers & tomatoes

Sea Bass Tandoori – £14.95

Fillet of sea bass lightly spiced & chargrilled

Mumbai Village Mix Baltis

Balti is a special method of cooking a dish in an authentic Punjabi style. All our baltis are prepared with our chef’s finest ingredients & special Balti sauce.

Balti Chicken & Keema – £10.95

Fresh chicken & minced Gosht cooked in a sauce

Seafood – £14.95

Combination of small prawns, tiger king prawns & fish cooked in sauce

Tiger King Prawns – £14.95

The biggest king prawns cooked in sauce

Chicken Jalfrezi – £10.95

Fresh chicken cooked with scrambled egg

Chicken Tikka Keema – £10.95

Fresh grilled chicken with minced lamb

Chicken & Prawn – £11.95

Fresh chicken with small prawns

Gosht Balti – £10.95

Fresh tender lamb

Chicken & Lamb Balti – £10.95

Fresh chicken & tender lamb

Chicken Tikka Garlic – £10.95

Fresh grilled chicken cooked in sauce

Garlic Chilli Chicken – £10.95

Also available in lamb/prawn/veg

Gosht Saag – £11.95

Fresh spinach with Gosht (also available in chicken /prawn/veg)

The Meat Feast – £11.95

Gosht, chicken & minced meat


Very popular Lahori dishes cooked in a special sauce

Gosht Sookha Bhuna (on/off the bone) – £11.95

Chicken Masala Desi (on/off the bone) – £10.95

First introduced in 1978 by Raja Brothers

Chicken/Gosht Bhindi – £11.95

Chicken or Gosht & Okra

Chicken Methi – £10.95

Fenugreek leaves

Gosht Karela – £11.95

Fresh bitter gourd

Nihari (baby gosht shank)- £11.95

Cooked on a low heat overnight with traditional spices

Peshwari Chicken – £10.95

Fresh chicken cooked with tomatoes, ginger & fresh chilies

Peshwari Gosht – £11.95

Tender Gosht cooked with tomatoes, ginger & fresh chilies

Goan Curry (Chicken of Gosht) – £11.45
Cooked with red chili, spring onions, garlic, ginger, cardamom simmered with coconut milk & garnished with fresh coriander

Hashnaji (Chicken or Gosht) – £11.95
Chicken or Gosht cooked with fresh green chili, bullet chili & a mixture of coloured pepper, spring onion, fresh garlic, ginger & fresh spinach.
This astonishing dish is like what you would eat at an Asian family’s home as a guest. Neatly spiced.

Chutney (Chicken or Gosht) – £11.45
A speciality dish made with tomatoes, garlic, spring onions & garnished with fresh coriander & cover in a mint sauce.


Handi is a traditional authentic Punjabi style of cooking. All our handis are prepared with our Chef’s Special sauce & onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic & spices.

Lahori Lamb Chop – £12.95

Handi fresh Gosht chops cooked in handi sauce

Lahori Jhingha King Prawn – £14.95

Tiger king prawns cooked in handi sauce

Jholay Lal Handi – £14.95

Fresh chicken, tiger prawn & chana

Achari Gosht Handi – £11.95

Fresh baby Gosht with pickles

Saag Gosht Handi – £11.95

Fresh spinach with lamb (also available in gobi/mutter/paneer)

Saag Murgh Tikka Handi – £11.95
Fresh spinach with grilled chicken (also available in gobi/mutter/paneer)

Shahi Keema  – £11.95

Fresh minced Gosht with lentils & scrambled eggs

Minced Gosht with lentils & scrambled eggs

Desi Sabzi – £9.95

Fresh palak, chana, daal & aloo cooked in handi sauce.

Chicken Liver Handi – £11.95

Chicken liver, pepper, onion, chilli, cooked in Handi sauce

Mumbai Special Handi – £11.95

Chicken, mushroom, potato, onion, pepper, chilli, cooked in Handi sauce.


All our Biryani’s are a complete meal. Prepared with basmati rice, onion, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon & with a slice of boiled egg. Served with curry sauce & Punjabi raita

Chicken Biryani – £10.95

Gosht Biryani – £11.95

Tiger King Prawn Biryani – £13.95

Vegetable Biryani – £9.95


Widely known & traditional curries available in a choice of Chicken/Lamb/Prawn/Vegetable

Masala – £10.95

Prepared with our chef’s special sauce, herbs & spices

Bhuna – £10.95

Prepared with tomato, peppers

Rogan Josh – £10.95

A dish prepared in special sauces & tomatoes

Dansak – £10.95

Sweet & sour taste made with mixed fruits & lentils

Pathia – £10.95

Hot, sweet & sour dish with traditional sauce & lime juice

Madras/Vindaloo – £10.95

(Hot & Very Hot) Traditional hot curry dish


An authentic Punjabi style of cooking. Freshly prepared with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes & a blend of spices & garnished with fresh coriander.

Fish Fresh Cod – £12.95

Prepared with special spices

Tiger King Prawn Dopiaza – £14.95

Juiciest king prawns with onions

Fish & Potato – £12.95

Fresh cod with baby potato

Tiger King Prawn Masala – £14.95

Juiciest king prawn with sauce

Prawn Spinach – £11.95

Juiciest small prawns with sauce


An authentic Punjabi style of cooking. Freshly prepared with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes & a blend of spices & garnished with fresh coriander.

Aloo Palak – £9.95

Fresh spinach with potato

Aloo Gobi – £9.95

Fresh cauliflower with potato

Palak Paneer – £9.95

Fresh spinach with diced cheese

Mutter Paneer – £9.95

Fresh peas with diced cheese

Mash Daal & Chana – £9.95

Yellow ground lentils with split chickpeas

Daal Karahi – £9.95

Yellow split chickpeas

Daal Pothi – £9.95

Red kidney beans

Chana Karahi – £9.95

White chickpeas cooked in sauce

Mushroom Karahi – £9.95

Fresh mushroom

Mah-ki-Daal – £9.95

Black ground lentils

Sarson-da-Saag – £9.95

Traditional mustard spinach cooked in sauce

Mushroom Aloo Palak – £9.95

Mushroom potato, spinach & mushroom

Bhindi Tomatoes – £9.95

Okra with tomatoes in sauce

Mushroom Paneer – £9.95

Mushroom with diced cheese

Chana Paneer – £9.95

Diced cheese with white chickpeas

Chili Paneer – £9.95

Diced cheese with crushed chilli & spices


Murgh Tikka Makhani – £10.95

Cooked with fresh cream, pistachio & almond

Tiger King Prawn Makhani – £14.95

Cooked with fresh cream, pistachio & almond
First introduced in the late 16th century in India by elite Mughal rulers to suit their sensitive palate.

Korma – £10.95

(Chicken, Meat, King Prawn or Vegetable) sweet dish cooked with cream and coconut

Chicken Passanda – £10.95

Cooked with almond powder & cream

Niralee Special – £10.95

Diced chicken or lamb cooked with tangy spices, fresh coriander, cream yoghurt, tomatoes, garlic and ginger in bay leaf juice, cardamom and cloves. A distinctive flavour.

Vensi – £10.95

Cooked with fresh cream, a chef’s special sauce with herbs, spices, tomatoes and peppers (optional). Can be ordered to a Madras strength with the meat of your choice, garnished with coriander.

Royal Delight- £11.95

Diced chicken breast marinated with yoghurt, spices and special masala sauce, cooked with tomatoes, ginger, onions, a blend of spices and fresh double cream, garnished with cashew nut and fried onions.